Antien Van Mierlo

docente Codarts Rotterdam tecnica Cunningham (based)

Current position:

Rotterdam Dance Academy

Modern Dance

Cunningham technique


· 3rd year teacher’s department students

· 3rd year performance department students

· 5th year High school for Music and Dance

Other responsibilities:

· Mentor, fourth year students

· Performance assistant of choreography department

· Coaching students in their choreographies

· Organization and coordination of workshops

· Commission member, auditions for teacher’s and

choreography departments


1989 Finished the Rotterdam Dance Academy, Rotterdam.

Specialized in classical ballet and modern dance:

Limon, Gramham, and Cunningham techniques.

1989-91 Studied modern dance, classical ballet and acting

in New York City (USA)

Classical ballet: Janette Panetta, Cynthia Babat

Modern dance: Limon Studio, Graham School

Specialized in Cunningham technique at

Cunningham Dance Studio, including –

– Company classes with Merce Cunningham

– Repertory workshops

– Work with apprentices of the Merce

Cunningham Dance Company

Acting: Charles Kakesakis

2008 Studied Brain Gym method

2008-2010 Bachelor of Education- Education in Primary Schools


1991, New York City (USA). “How New York Is Doing to Me,”

danced and choreographed by Antien van Mierlo.

1992, Amsterdam. “Stamina,” Stichting Dansproductie,

choreographed by Bianca van Dillen.

1992, Amsterdam. “A Shadow of a Louder Crash,”

choreographed by Harijono Roebana.

1992, Prague, Czech Republic, “5A Is Going,” and “Kosky jsou

vzerny,” prague Conservatory, choreographed by

Antien van Mierlo.

1993/94, Utrecht. “Piano,” Stichting Dansend Hart,

choreographed by Wies Merkx.

1994, Bratislava, Slovakia. “Otto,” Dance Company ALFA,

choreographed by Antien van Mierlo.

1994, Bratislava, Slovakia. “Double” and “16 Travelling Facts,”

danced, performed, and choreographed by Antien van Mierlo.

1996, The Hague. “Waar Verborgen Water Huilt,”

choreographed by Cees Matthijsse.

2002, “Shadow time” choreographed by Sanja Hasagic

And several choreographies for the Rotterdam Dance

Academy since 1994.


1992, Prague Conservatory, Czech Republic

1992 — present, Rotterdam Dance Academy, Rotterdam,

The Netherlands

1996, Merce Cunningham Studio, New York City, USA

Teaching in Bratislava, Slovakia

1997, Rubin Academy, Jerusalem, Israel

1999, Dance Space, New York City, USA

2002, Toronto Dance Theater, Toronto, Canada

Auditioning in Bern, Switserland

Teaching workshops throughout Holland, Dance Centre Utrecht,

Holland Dance Festival e.o

Antien Van Mierlo

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