Preparing for contemporary auditions

Preparing for contemporary. The BA Contemporary Dance ZHdK Zurich and the Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy present, in collaboration with the A.E.D. Associaizone Europa Danza, the Preparing 4 contemporary auditions, an intensive course for contemporary dancers aimed at preparing for the Codarts audition, the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and for contemporary dance auditions in general. The contemporary dance course will be divided into four appointments of approximately 9 hours each. The meetings will take place according to the weekend formula. You can access the curriculum with direct entry, subject to availability. Age: 15/22 years.  
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Preparing for contemporary auditions

9-10 December 2023 PATRICIA ROTONDARO / 20-21 January 2024 SANJA MAIER HASAGIC / 17-18 February 2024 DENISE LAMPART / 2-3 March 2024 NEEL VERDORN

Preparing for contemporary

Preparing for contemporary auditions

9-10 December 2023

teacher ZHdK Zurigo BA Contemporary
Dancer Lachky Dance Company 
 Contemporary Technique/FLOOR WORK;

20-21 January 2024

Coordinator, teacher and ripetiteur
CODARTS Rotterdam 
Contemporary technique/improvisation;
Sanja Maier Hasagic

17-18 February 2024

Coordinator, teacher and ripetiteur
BA Contemporary Dance Zurich 
Contemporary technique/FLOOR WORK;

2-3 March 2024

Choreographer, teacher
CODARTS Rotterdam 
Contemporary technique/improvisation;

Preparing for contemporary


LIVORNO: cost of 4 appointments, 390 euros. Fees: 100 euros to confirm participation; 150 euros at the first meeting (9 December); balance 130 euros at the second meeting (20 January).

Timetable :

Saturday from 15.00 to 20.00; Sunday 10.00-15.00

Classic: Yoko Wakabayashi

age of participants: 15 / 22 years

Location: via Masi 7 Livorno Italy. Enrollment in the A.E.D. it is mandatory. All activities are aimed at members only,  the statute and the deed of incorporation, consult the “who we are” and “how to join” sections. The fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. the organization reserves the right to modify the calendar and times if necessary of the contemporary dance course.

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Preparing for contemporary. The program is aimed at providing students with practical tools to interpret contemporary choreography by adapting to different styles and languages. The contemporary dancer must be adaptable, like a blank canvas on which the choreographer can draw his choreography, affirm his own language, narrate his own story, impose his own vision, interpret his own time. This is why Preparing 4 contemporary auditions opens a focus on contemporary dance from a different point of view, more effective than the ordinary contemporary dance workshops that are held more or less everywhere. Preparing 4 contemporary auditions prepares to face different styles and languages taking into account the now more versatile panorama of central and northern Europe, from Switzerland to the Netherlands. The collaboration with the BA contemporary dance which is based at the ZHdK of Zurich link, one of the most prestigious Swiss public universities and the Codarts of Rotterdam, also a public university of reference in Europe for the development of contemporary dance artists and beyond , ensure the maintenance and development of the project. They are the added value and the distinctive aspect of this activity. In the Preparing 4 contemporary auditions, the classical technique is addressed in its version of preparation and “tuning” of the dancer before tackling the contemporary program

Preparing for contemporary
Contemporary dance is declined in various styles from modern, floor work, impo etc. The weekend formula facilitates the use and administration of the training course, the participation of teachers and students from abroad and the analysis of variations complete the training course. The project has been developed for over ten years and continuously remodeled from the point of view of content to always be adapted to the new challenges that the development of the figure of the contemporary dancer imposes.

preparing for contemporary

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