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Coreografie d’autore – Coreography competition, 32nd edition Dance meeting May, 2024 TEATRO DEL GIGLIO LUCCA ITALY COMPETITION


AED Associazione Europea Danza organizes the XXXII° edition of the Coreografie d’autore competition, which will be held Saturday 13th May in the beautiful setting of Giglio Theater of Lucca, Italy. During the night, dancers from best dance schools and learning programs will have the chance to confront each other and grow.

JURY The jury will be as usual composed by renowed personalities of the dance world, and its decisions are indisputable.


1)The 31st  edition of “Coreografie d’autore” will be held at Giglio Theater of Lucca, Italy.

Young dancers of all nationalities can participate, and they’ll be divided in three categories. 


 “Young”:  contestants must have reached his or her 8th birthday but not his or her 12th birthday (on 13th May 2023)

 “Juniores”:  contestants must have reached his or her 12th birthday but not his or her 15th birthday (on 13th May 2023)

 “Seniores”:  contestants must have reached his or her 15th birthday   (on 13th May 2023)

will be allowed 2 out-of-age-range contestant per group of 6 and up . Three per group of 10 and up. 

2)To take part please: A – apply online:APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED

Enroll the fee of 120 euro for three dancers, than 30 euro for each dancer, the fee is not refundable under any circumstances Iban IT03V0503413905000000182343 SWIFT BAPPIT21T07
3) Partecipants are required to prepare a coreography up to 5 minutes in length and maximum 15 dancers.
Please fill also the form: click here  
4) Coreografie d’autore is a trademark, all rights reserved.
5)Application forms will be accepted subjected to availability of space.
6)Admission to the competition is subjected to full acceptance of Rules and Regulations, and management, at its discretion, reserves the right of introducing possible addictional norms, which will become part of the Rules and Regulations itself.
7) The winner will not be allowed to take part in the 2024 edition of the competition. In case of ex equo the winners share the prize

Rules and regulations

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