match Award for the best contemporary improvisation

match Award for the best contemporary improvisation

The Match consists of a competition between two teams that can be made up of one or three elements and divided into two categories (solo, trio) At the kick-off the two teams have 20 seconds to agree on a strategy At the second whistle it starts!

Judge: SANJA MAIER HASAGIC (Coordinator, teacher and repeater CODARTS Rotterdam)

Registration deadline: 30 April 2023

– ages 14-26

Saturday 13 May 2023 at 18.00 Teatro San Romano, piazza San Romano Lucca

Match Award for the best contemporary improvisation

A referee proposes themes on which the dancers are called to improvise, and in some cases he will be able to insert or modify the situations that have arisen on stage with additional elements and other indications The restrictive limits within which to propose one’s improvisation will be indicated For example limits in the quality of movement or proposals for structures to be respected A grid composed of space, time, motor and shape, sound, so that you can find yourself dancing in a small and directional space, with a fast tempo, with angular shapes, or on a circular space, with an average and regular tempo with open and soft or on sounds from the body or from the outside, we could also find ways of bending, collapsing and segmenting body movement A qualified judge will declare the winnersD

match Award for the best contemporary improvisation

For each category, two randomly drawn groups will compete in direct elimination, in the end whoever wins the group will compete to decide the winner Participation fees: Soloists: 25 euros Trio: 60 euros Registration deadline: 30 April 2023 . Saturday 13 May 2023 Teatro San Romano, Piazza San Romano Lucca

match Award for the best contemporary improvisation
1) register online: REGISTRATION
2) send a request email with: “solo” or “Trio” name and surname age to:
3) send the fee within 5 days of booking to: Iban code IT03V0503413905000000182343 made out to A.E.D. PLEASE EMAIL A COPY OF YOUR PAYMENT ONCE YOU HAVE MADE IT.

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Match Premio alla migliore improvvisazione contemporanea

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