Ermanno Romanelli Curriculum

Ermanno Romanelli Curriculum

Journalist and historian of dance, Ermanno Romanelli is one of the most prestigious signatures on the national scene. He has been involved in dance since 1989 as a critic and expert in the sector.

Ermanno Romanelli Curriculum Vitae
He is invited by the main festivals of the world to attend the shows and present them to the public. He holds dance history lessons throughout Italy. He has published essays on various performances, lecture of the history of dance and presentations for the following theatres: Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, Teatro Comunale di Modena Luciano Pavarotti; Politeama Theater of Lecce; Romolo Valli Theater in Reggio Emilia; Philharmonic Theater of Verona; Ristori Theater in Verona.

He is a dance critic for the following magazines:
1987-1996: newspaper Il CORRIERE DI AREZZO;

1989-1991: newspaper IL TIRRENO;

1988-1994: AGL news agency;

1988-2005: national entertainment and culture page of the LOCAL NEWSPAPERS group;

1989 -1997: THE MUSIC JOURNAL;

2000-to date: CORRIERE DELL’UMBRIA newspaper,

1988 to date: newspaper LA GAZZETTA DEL MEZZOGIORNO;

1988 to date: collaboration with DANZA & DANZA;

1988 to date: collaboration on SIPARIO;

1996 to date: deputy director of the bimonthly DANCENEWS;

2008 to today: ROTOPALCO magazine, published by the Teatro Comunale of Modena.

Ermanno Romanelli curriculum

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