Dip Dance Intensive Programme

Dip Dance Intensive Programme is a pre-university course to gain access to the Codarts Rotterdam (Holland’s Public University) and to the ZHdK BA Contemporary Dance of Zurich (Switzerland’s Public University). It’s an annual or biennial course, depending on the age of the applicant, and it consists in daily classes in ballet, contemporary, impro, composition, floor work, workshop, coreographic laboratory, contemporary repertoire, English Language. Three daily hours of study, from Monday to Friday, combined with intensive seminars. Preparation for auditions. For girls and boys aged 15 to 21.
Dip Dance Intensive Programme
Artistic advisor: Samuel Wuersten Director Bachelor of Contemporary Dance of Zurich, artistic director Holland Dance Festival
Artistic director: Lorella Reboa Director AED Associazione Europea Danza, artistic director Dance Meeting

teachers: Ballet: Yoko Wakabayashi, Lorella Reboa, Miki Matsuse
Contemporary: Valentina Di Pippo, Roberta Furlan, Jenny Buonamano, Davide Valrosso.
Guest teachers: Michele Pogliani, Neel Verdoorn, Mario Camacho, Marco Volta etc.

Twice a year students will travel to the branches in Rotterdam and Zurich for two in-depth workshops.

Classes will be held in Via Masi 7, Livorno, Italy.

For non-local students there is the possibility of apartment or home-stay accommodation, with ongoing tutoring from AED Associazione Europea Danza.

Course places are limited.

Access to the Dip Dance Intensive Programme is through audition, which will consist in a ballet class, a contemporary class and a solo of maximum 2 minutes in lenght.

The Dip Dance Intensive Programme is promoted by the Codarts Rotterdam, ZHdK BA Contemporary Dance of Zurich and A.E.D. AED Associazione Europea Danza.
It’s a special advanced training course aimed at young dancers who wish to prepare themselves for a career in contemporary dance. The purpose of the course is to monitor the talent, skills and abilities of those young dancers who are still in the process of completing their mandatory school plan and of those who didn’t get and adequate contemporary training to successfully pass auditions.

DIP Dance Intensive Programme – results:

Since 2015 a staggering number of 45 DIP students passed auditions and are currently studying abroad:

Aurora Stretti (Codarts Rotterdam), Giulia Maggiani (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Jasmine Sisti (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Elena Paltracca (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Andrea Landolfi (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Noemi Calzavara (Codarts Rotterdam), Carlotta Brogi (Codarts Rotterdam), Alberto Albanese (Codarts Rotterdam), Tommaso Zuchegna (Codarts Rotterdam), Gloria Tonello (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Anna Pesetti (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Anna Manetti (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Giulia Spada (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Jenny Buonamano (Budapest Dance Theatre), Lucia Bruno (Budapest Dance Theatre), Elena Cattardico (Danzarea Ginevra), Giuliana Sollami (Codarts Rotterdam), Sofia Siboldi (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Beatrice Giannini (Budapest Dance Theatre), Aurora Brocchi (CDSH Amburgo), Rita Di Bin (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Federica Santunione (Conservatorio Praga), Beatrice Castaldo (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Giusy Fanaro (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Marta Allocco (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Lavinia Tinagli (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Mandela Giudice (Codarts Rotterdam), Martina Balzamo (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Alice Cofone (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Gennaro Cipolletta (Codarts Rotterdam), Davide Caracciolo (Codarts Rotterdam), Luke Bugeja (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Gloria Carobini (CDSH Amburgo), Jeanne Hensinger (Codarts Rotterdam), Mara Marbini (BA Contemporary ZHdK Zurigo), Gianluca Rodenghi (Contemporary Dance Zurigo) , Irene Branchesi (Contemporary Dance Zurigo) , Giorgia Ceriotti BA (Contemporary Dance Zurigo), Agnese Fornara (CDSH Amburgo), Cristina Vaino (CDSH Amburgo), Geremia Cappagli (Codarts Rotterdam). Leann Puma (BA Contemporary Dance Zurigo), Olga Arigoni (BA Contemporary Dance Zurigo), Marta Grasso (Accademia Nazionale Danza), Irene Lanzanò (CDSH Amburgo).

Dip Dance Intensive Programme In the video: rehearsal of the Vivaldi’s Estate performance

the video: Vivaldi’s winter rehearsal  

info: A.E.D. Tel.0586-410825 info@aed.dance
A.E.D. ASSOCIAZIONE EUROPEA DANZA via Glauco Masi 7 I-57121 Livorno Italy

Dip Dance Intensive Programme

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