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Eurocity Competition is opened to dancers who present a solo or a pas de deux, divided in two categories: classic, modern/contemporary. Eurocity Competition is part of Lucca Dance Meeting 2023 and will take place at the wonderful Giglio Theatre in Lucca, Italy.

Eurocity Competition is now at its 31st edition and it offers scholarships to reward young dancers who compete in three categories, classic, modern and contemporary, with solos or pas de deux. In the Jury, as usual, renowned personalities of the dance world. 

Jury 2023 Dance competition
Mariana Giustina BARAVALLE (Artistic Director Conservatory of Dance Barcelona)
Jean Yves ESQUERRE (Artistic Director European School of Ballet Amsterdam)
Gianni MALFER (codirector BA Contemporary Dance Zurigo)
Caroline HARDER (Artistic Manager CODARTS Rotterdam)
Lorella REBOA (Artistic director A.E.D. Associazione Europea Danza)
Omar TAIEBI (Artistic Director Ecole Nationale Danse Marseille)
Samuel WUERSTEN Artistic director Holland Dance Festival, director BA Contemporary Dance Zurich, Co-director TAZ Zurich)

Bursaries, Dance competition

Ecole Nationale Danse Marseille 
BA Contemporary Dance ZHdK Zurigo 
Conservatory of Dance Barcelona
TAZ Zurigo 
CODARTS Rotterdam 
ESB European School of Ballet Amsterdam 
Summer Intensive ESB European School of Ballet Amsterdam 
Israel Ballet Tel Aviv 
Summer Dance Intensive 2022 
DIP Dance Intensive Programme 
Winter Dance intensive Italy 
Stage Compagnie just’à 2
Stage Compagnia MP3 Project Roma
Stage de danse Luxemburg

To participate, please fill the form:  FORM DEADLINE APRIL 13

we suggest you to read rules and regulations: Regulation Eurocity Competition

Make payment for the registration fee of Euro 110 (solists), Euro 180 (pas de deux), strictly not refundable 

IBAN code  IT03V0503413905000000182343 Swift BAPPIT21T07 payable to a A.E.D.

PLEASE NOTE: applications will be accepted subjected to availability.

 Registering with the A.E.D. is mandatory. click here

For info: A.E.D. e-mail: tel.+39-0586-410825

Dance competition

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Dance competition

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