Dance competition coreografie autore

Coreografie Autore, schools and groups

Dance Competition Coreografie autore
Dance Competition Coreografie autore is a choreographic competition open to European schools and groups.
It will be held on Saturday 11 May 2024 at 9pm at the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca as part of the Dance Meeting Lucca

Sunday evening at 9.00 pm FINAL and winners’ gala

Jury 2024
Jean Yves ESQUERRE (Artistic Director European School of Ballet Amsterdam)
Rachael HUNT (International Artistic Manager Royal Ballet School London)
Caroline HARDER (Artistic Manager CODARTS Rotterdam)
Gianni MALFER (codirector BA Contemporary Dance Zurich)
Melanie PERSON (codirector Alvin Ailey School NY)
Lorella REBOA (Artistic director A.E.D. European Dance Association)
Omar TAIEBI (Artistic director Ecole National de Danse Marseille)
Samuel WUERSTEN (Artistic director Holland Dance Festival, director BA Contemporary Dance Zurich, Co-director TAZ Zurich)

Dance Competition Coreografie autore

The Dance Meeting is organized by the AED in collaboration with the Municipality of Lucca, the Teatro del Giglio, and the Luigi Boccherini Conservatory. The locations of the Dance Meeting: Teatro del Giglio, Auditorium Boccherini, as well as the most beautiful squares and streets of Lucca. All this in a city celebrating with street performances and shop windows set up for the event.

Dance Competition Coreografie autore
To register (first come , first served)

We recommend that you read the competition notice first: Rules and regulations

1) Registration with the A.E.D. it is mandatory and is valid until August 31, 2024 click here to register

2) it is necessary to pay the participation fee for each choreography of 120.00 euros for three performers and 30 euros for each additional participant, in no case refundable.
book your choreography: REGISTRATION
Add dancers: Dancers

3) provide information on the choreography, names of the performers, etc. REGISTRATION FORM

For information: A.E.D. e-mail: tel.0586-410825

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