European school of ballet audition

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European School of Ballet audition
ESB in Amsterdam directed by Olivier Wecxsteen.
The audition/workshop of the European School of Ballet in Amsterdam consists of a Masterclass of an hour and a half and will be delivered by the artistic director Olivier Wecxsteen and Cristina Saso (ESB talent scout) on Thursday 29 December 2023
Candidate age: 12 to 19 years old

Olivier- Wecxsteen
cristina saso
cristina saso

European School of Ballet audition

Selected students will join the academy at one of three levels of ESB
For more information ESB:
THE AUDITION-WORKSHOP To participate, you must be between the ages of 12 and 19 as of 31 August 2024. The audition will consist of a physical-aptitude test and a classic technique lesson with possible pointeshoes work for girls. You don’t need to prepare a solo. It is also possible to attend it as a workshop.

how to apply
The participation fee is 50 euros, the fee must be sent within 1 day of booking. If you are not yet registered, after we have received the 15 euros we will validate your registration and you can book the audition.

REGISTRATION ONLINE ONLY The payment methods will be indicated on the automatic confirmation e-mail
Clothing: Girls: Light bodysuit (e.g. white, light blue, pink), light stockings, pointe shoes and 1/2 point shoes (also called “jumping shoes”), hair tied in a bun Boys: T-Shirt, fitted, black/white shoes
European School of Ballet audition
Group 1 (12/14 ysd)
Group 2 (15 ysd and up)

LIVORNO Thursday December 29, 2022 10.00-11.30 group 1 (12/14 years); 11.30-13.00 group 2 (from 15 years); Venue of auditions: Livorno A.E.D. via Masi 7 auditors are not admitted European School of Ballet audition

Hotels in Livorno: Livorno European School of Ballet audition

Tourist information: Tourist information on the city of Livorno and its surroundings

European School of Ballet audition

European School of Ballet (ESB), founded and directed by Jean-Yves Esquerre and led by Artistic Director Olivier Wecxsteen is a center of advanced training and professional development in ballet and its classical offshoots in contemporary repertoire.

ESB aims to perpetuate the legacy of academic European ballet expanded with contemporary styles. It welcomes world-renowned ballet masters to stage works and help in the mission of preservation of iconic choreographies.
European School of Ballet audition

ESB welcomes European and international students aged 13-19 offering a variety of lessons and workshops fostering personal growth and individual coaching. Ballet, classical & contemporary repertoires, pas-de-deux, brio and pointe work, mindfulness techniques and preparation for international auditions are some of the classes offered at ESB which also provides body conditioning, Floor Barre, Pilates and Gyrokinesis classes and is supported by a team of medical doctors and sport therapists.

ESB is structured into Classical Advanced Program, Classical Advanced-Trainee Program, Classical Trainee Program and Contemporary Trainee Program. All ESB Trainee Programs are unique and intensive courses for dancers in need of a stepping stone to launch their future professional careers.

Jean-Yves Esquerre is the Founder and Director of European School of Ballet.

Esquerre first studied dance with Monique Malo in France and received his artistic training at Mudra, the multidisciplinary school in Brussels. Throughout his career he danced with Maurice Béjart’s Les Ballets du XXème Siècle, John Neumeier’s Hamburg Ballet, and Jiri Kylian’s Nederlands Dans Theater. European School of Ballet audition

In 1986, Esquerre was appointed ballet master of Le Ballet du Louvre, originally formed by Rudolf Nureyev, and staged a production of Giselle. In 1987, HRH Princess Caroline of Monaco offered him the artistic direction of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. During the following years, he expanded the company’s repertoire significantly, adding to masterpieces from Les Ballets Russes various works by George Balanchine, Pierre Lacotte, Anthony Tudor, John Neumeier, Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe, Roland Petit, Maurice Béjart.

From 1993 on Esquerre developed a program of therapeutic dance exercises designed for injury prevention and post-surgery rehabilitation and traveled the world teaching mindfulness techniques. He worked as a guest ballet master/teacher for the English National Ballet and School, the Boston Ballet and School, Le Cirque du Soleil, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and School, the Banff Center for the Arts, The Royal Ballet School of London, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, the Paris Opera Ballet, the National Ballet of Canada, and La Scala de Milano. He also served as a juror/chairman for several international ballet competitions such as Prix de Lausanne and Youth America Grand Prix. European School of Ballet audition

Between 2007 and 2010, Esquerre worked with the San Francisco Ballet in several capacities, including company teacher, coach and school faculty member. In 2008, he was appointed Assistant to the Artistic Director for San Francisco Ballet’s 75th anniversary season. During these three years, as Trainee Program Director, he developed a Teacher Training Program, led improvisation & choreographic workshops, and offered performances throughout California.

Since 2010, while guest teaching around the world, Esquerre was entrusted by the Government of Canada with the evaluation of l’École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec, Canada’s National Ballet School and the School of Alberta Ballet. He also staged works for the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, The Royal Ballet School and the English National Ballet School.

Former Artistic Director (2014-2018) of the Dutch National Ballet Academy which, under his tenure, developed significantly, opening its doors to international students and gaining worldwide recognition. Esquerre implemented in 2015 his Dutch National Trainee Program, a unique course in Europe, offering a one or two-year intense full-day professional training for dancers aiming to join top ballet companies. This successful program expanded in 2018 to give birth to the European School of Ballet. European School of Ballet audition

Since 2018, European School of Ballet (ESB) has acquired a worldwide reputation in the dance community. The only school in The Netherlands providing accommodations and meals, ESB has expanded year after year to welcome now about one-hundred and ten international students. Through the years, ESB has gained notoriety thanks to the success of its Classical Trainee Program which provides year after year over 20 top jobs to its graduates. In 2022, aiming at completing its spectrum of education, ESB launches its Contemporary Trainee Program that will foster a new generation of versatile dancers.
European School of Ballet audition. Dancenews

European School of Ballet audition
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Teaching programme Dance teacher course Registration is open for the professional training course, QUALIFICATION COURSE FOR DANCE TEACHERS Legally Recognized Course of the Tuscany Region. National

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