Audition Taz dance academy

The audition TAZ dance academy Zurich will be held on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April 2024.
Audition TAZ Dance Academy Zurich
The academy offers professional classical dance classes for girls and boys aged between 11 and 19, to prepare them for a career as dancers
The audition will be held by Akos Sebestyen (TAZ Zurich Dance Academy teacher) and a Roberta Martins (teacher TAZ Dance Academy Zurich).


TAZ Dance Academy in Zurich offers internationally renowned classical dance training, welcoming around a hundred students from Switzerland, Europe and abroad.

It is made up of a team of highly qualified and professional teachers with an exceptional international reputation, known for their high standard of quality. Its graduate dancers now work in prestigious ballet companies including the Zurich Ballet, the Bavarian State Ballet, the Stuttgart Ballet, the Hamburg Ballet, the Netherlands Dance Theater, the Vienna State Ballet, the Ballet of the National Theater in Prague, the American Ballet Theatre, the National Ballet of Canada, the Berlin State Ballet, the Polish National Ballet and the Dutch National Ballet. Established in 2005, the Zurich Dance Academy is part of the Department of Performing Arts and Film at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). 

(teacher TAZ Dance Academy Zurich, member of the management team) 

(teacher TAZ Dance Academy Zurich

audition TAZ Dance Academy
To attend you must be between 12 and 19 years old on 31 August 2024. The audition will consist of a physical-aptitude test and a classical technique lesson with possible tips for girls. You don’t need to prepare a variation. It is also possible to participate as a masterclass and therefore come only to study. Those who participate as an audition must send a short CV by email.

audition TAZ Dance Academy

GROUP 1 (12-14 YEARS)

The participation fee is 75 euros, registrations are only online on the website. Registrations are accepted until all available places are filled.

Girls: Light bodysuit (e.g. white, light blue, pink), light stockings, pointe shoes and 1/2 point shoes (also called “jumping shoes”), hair gathered in a bun
Boys: T-Shirt, fitted, black/white shoes

Auditors are not admitted to the audition.

Saturday 13 April 2024
4.30pm-6.00pm group 1 (12/14 years); 18.15-19.45 group 2 (15 years and up);
Sunday April 14, 2024
10.00-11.30 group 1 (12/14 years); 11.45-13.15 group 2 (15 years and up);

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Parents and teachers can enter the school to carry out administrative procedures but then must leave the building and return on time, at the end of the lesson, to pick up their children/students.

for more information about the TAZ Zurich Dance Academy visit their website, it contains the main news on how the academy is organised: TAZ

Registration with the A.E.D. European Dance Association is mandatory and is valid until 31 August 2024. To register: REGISTRATION All activities are aimed at members only.
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audition TAZ Dance Academy
TAZ Dance Academy is a partner school of several famous dance and ballet competitions, including the Prix de Lausanne, Youth America Grand Prix and Tanzolymp Berlin. Founded in 2005, the Zurich Dance Academy is part of the Department of Performing Arts and Film at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

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