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Risultati della traduzione

Risultato di traduzione


Some advice in choosing the dance school The dance course is, especially for the little ones, a playful motor activity. The conduct of the lesson must be entrusted to specialized teachers, performing wrong movements can have negative consequences, especially on a growing bone and muscle structure. Choosing to rely on professionals is important, it is necessary to make sure that the dance teacher has a professional qualification, obtained from a public institution, a third party certification and not a simple instructor card obtained with a few hours of course carried out at a private institution. The third party certification means that the teacher presented himself before a commission set up by a public body and passed a real exam, with a commission of experts. The final certificate must be issued by a public body which has no interest, unlike the private sector, in “diplomating” teachers who do not deserve it. Contrary to what one might think, the younger the student, the more delicate the task of the dance teacher is. As far as the structure is concerned, the elements to keep an eye on are first of all the floor. In the structures suitable for the study of dance you will notice a raised wooden platform, it is used to cushion the stress on the ankles, knees and back when the student performs the jumps. The wooden platform must be covered with a dance floor. The dance floor reduces the risk of accidents by 80% it is an expensive but very useful material. It changes colour, it can be light, colored, dark, it looks like a plastic carpet. The function is to cushion but also restore the same sensation during movement over the entire surface. This means that when the dancer performs the turns she will receive the same body response in every corner of the room. Last tip: the school that meets the two minimum requirements listed above (1: qualified teacher, 2: equipped dance room) is not always close to the house or has the lowest monthly fee, you need to make a little effort to get the maximum quality. It is an investment in the future.

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